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About us...

Grassboots is a family owned micro farm on Yuin Country.

We subscribe to regenerative farming principles and producing food in a way that protects environment, grows top soil, sequesters carbon, supports public health, community and animals. Using minimal tillage, no chemicals, cover crops and biological inputs we are growing food that's good for you and the environment. We have started off with a small market garden with an aim to grow organically to incorporate a wide range of other produce, sustainably farmed with purpose!

What we grow...

We focus on hardneck garlics, however we also have a select range of leafy greens and herbs from the market garden. This season we are growing several varieties of lettuce, rainbow chard and spinach. We have a small zucchini patch, grow a few types of beets and plenty of seasonal herbs from basil, thyme, parsley and coriander. In the cooler months we do spinach, kale and a variety of asian greens such as Pak choi. Depending on the season we have a leafy greens mix which has several leaf varieties and also a rocket mix. 

Garlic - This garlic season we have planted Spanish purple stripe, Bega valley magnifique, Peruvian white and some beloved Tasmanian purple.  It has been a bumper year for our crop and although unusually wet we were very happy to get our crop out with minimal crop loss and no fungal issues. 

If you would like to pre-order some garlic please send us an email and we can ensure your order is met. Once our garlic is all cured up our online shop will also open for purchases.

As summer kicks into gear you can find us at the Bega Produce markets every Friday, Candelo markets once a month and the Bermagui Makers and Growers markets on a Thursday with a wide range of seasonal vegetables. 

Seasonal eating...

Have you heard of a "locavore"? It means someone who eats what is grown locally and in season. This isn't just good for you but also good for the environment. Eating locally grown food means it has less distance to travel ie low food miles and also uses less resources. If we all eat seasonally we can help contribute to a more sustainable food system!


Planting flowers alongside your crops attracts bees and other pollinators as well as predators such as the lacewing wasp. Just a few of the beneficial plants in our garden are cornflowers, Californian poppies, petunias, nasturtiums, dahlias and marigolds. Marigolds and nasturtiums have the added bonus of being a tasty addition to your salads!

Why crop rotation?

Rotating crops between different plant families has been a powerful tool in the farmers handbook for thousands of years. Crop rotation is a practice designed to minimise pests and diseases while also helping to build and maintain happy, healthy soil. It can also be used to replace nutrients and specific elements that the previous crop may have removed. Using a combination of crop rotations and cover crops we can maximise the  use of available nutrients through careful planning without the need for synthetic inputs. 

Buy garlic from us online

Peruvian White $40/kg

Peruvian White is a medium sized garlic with mild flavours.

A very versatile garlic with a nutty taste when roasted.



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Buy garlic online from us

Spanish Stripe         $35/kg   

Spanish Purple Stripe is a hardneck turban variety which first appeared in Australia in the 1970's. It has an initial sharp and hot flavour followed by mild spice. Storage is for approximately 4-6 months.


Bega Valley Magnifique  $40/kg

Bega Valley Magnifique is a hardneck turban cultivar originating from the Monaro region before being grown for many seasons down the South Coast of NSW. A purple variety with medium to large cloves. Medium heat rating with a sweet and nutty flavor upon roasting. Storage 4-5 months.

5 kg

Tasmanian Purple $40/kg

Tasmanian Purple is a hardneck garlic, Turban variety. With small to medium sized bulbs and a Shorter storage life. Flavours are sharp and intense with a spicy bite. Perfect for sautéing and marinades. 

5 kg

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the Yuin Nation, the land in which we live and farm. 
We pay respect to the generations of knowledge and connection to Country and recognise that sovereignty was never ceded.